Frustration Leads to Growth

Good friend, high school mate and fellow AMSOIL Dealer, Michael Sparks recently posted on his blog asking the question, Are you a frustrated AMSOIL dealer?   It got me thinking, I’m by no means as successful as Michael is.  He’s been at it much longer than I have and his success is a strong indicator of the amount of effort he puts into his business.  My success, is a direct result of the effort I’ve put into my business.

This isn’t my first go around with my own business.  I ran a computer consulting business for about 10 years.  Five years ago, for a number of reasons, I took a job with another firm…a job I still hold today and I love the work that I do.  When I was introduced to the business side of AMSOIL a few years back,  I knew getting into it, that my success would hinge on the effort I could put into it.  And working a full time job and having 4 active kids, my time was limited.   But my goal at the time, was not to necessarily make a living doing AMSOIL, but to be able to talk about a product I believe in and am excited about….and hey if I make a few bucks along the way, even better!

Despite my lack of full effort,  my success, while limited, is exactly what I expected.  However, I don’t feel frustrated by this.  I’m getting to do what I set out to do.  Be involved with a product that I can whole heatedly recommend.  I do take it as a challenge to not only put a bit more effort, but perhaps more importantly, make my effort that I do spend on my business more productive.

I’ve done what Mike says in his post…

The beauty of being frustrated is that it makes you think about these things, then figure out how to take action to become better.

If you feel frustrated, but take no action, then you’ve wasted precious time worrying and stressing over something you have no intention to improve.  Use the frustration to try and improve what you are doing.

Even small steps can make a big difference.   Here are a few things I’ve done, though small, have improved the way I think about my business.

  1. I’ve become more active on this blog and in social media.  While this may not be the way to AMSOIL riches, I’m able to use my experience with web development and social media marketing to build the Buckeye Lube brand, get the word out about AMSOIL and meet a lot of great people along the way.    I recently ran a very inexpensive ad campaign, simply to try and build my reach.  My target was very narrow, but I had a high rate of return on my social networks.
  2. I do something small each day.  Whether it’s updating this blog, talking to someone new about the product, or just reading up on what AMSOIL is doing, whatever it is, I make sure I’m always moving forward.  To Mike’s point to the question originally asked of him….this is not a get rich quick plan.  Sure effort can accelerate growth, but growth is growth.  A mighty oak tree starts as a small seed and through time and perseverance, grows into a great tree.  Water your business each day and it will grow.
  3. Network.  Build your network.  Not only of potential customers and other AMSOIL dealers (Mike has  a great network of dealers and is doing great things to help everyone!), but in life.  Constantly talk to people.  Say hello to people you run across.  Don’t be afraid to talk to the stranger in the elevator or strike up a conversation with the clerk at the grocery store.  Not only will you potentially be talking with a new customer, you will meet some really great people this way.  I love talking with people and you never know when a simple smile or hello could change someone’s day.

I would be remiss if I didn’t throw out there that if you’re looking for a chance at financial freedom or perhaps just a bit of side money, then let me help you.  Visit our page about the AMSOIL Business to learn more about the business opportunities available or I’d be happy to talk to you about this or anything else that you may have questions on.

If you’re frustrated with how your business (or life) is going….take action now.

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