AMSOIL Products are Warranty Secure™

guaranteeOne of the big fears I encounter from customers when looking at AMSOIL products is the question, “Will it void my manufacturer’s warranty by using the product or adhering to the extended drain intervals?”  Well here’s a reminder to all…All AMSOIL products are Warranty Secure™.

What does that mean?

Well first AMSOIL guarantees the performance of all it’s products, so you can be sure they perform as advertised.  Read the full AMSOIL limited liability warranty for more information.

Secondly, know that it is against Federal regulation for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to deny warranty coverage based solely on the brand of lubricant used.   Federal acts make it illegal for a company to void or deny coverage for simply using aftermarket or recycled parts, they must prove that those products caused the need for repair.

Know that AMSOIL stands behind it’s products, if an OEM says AMSOIL usage voids your warranty, you can contact AMSOIL Technical Services for more information and assistance.

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