AMSOIL is So Much More than Just Motor Oil

AMSOIL Product LineAMSOIL has always been known as the leader in synthetic motor oils, getting it’s start back in 1972 when AMSOIL President and CEO Al Amatuzio released the first synthetic motor oil in the world to  meet American Petroleum Institute service requirements.  Rightly so, most everyone is first introduced to AMSOIL first through their motor oil.

AMSOIL of course provides a wide range of motor oils for all gasoline engines.  Most popular is perhaps the Signature Series.  Featuring superior protection and performance as well as extended drain cycles of up to 25,000 miles or one-year.   They also have a full range of oil formulated for diesel engines, European car formulas, racing, motorcycle, 2 and 4 stroke engines, and oil for ATV.  Whatever, you’re looking for AMSOIL has a solution.

But AMSOIL provides so much more than just motor oil.  AMSOIL has high quality filters, fuel additives, grease, hydraulic oil, compressor oil and so much more.  This post is the beginning of a series highlighting many of AMSOIL’s other products as well as the product lines featured in their sister divisions of ALTRUM offering high quality natural supplements and AGGRAND natural fertilizers.  Stay tuned  as we begin the exploration of  all that AMSOIL has to offer.  I’m continually amazed at the great products I get to use and hope to share what all AMSOIL can do for you.




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